About us

Our mission began with the recognition of a profound need in the market. As we observed the rapid growth of social media and its increasing role in customer engagement, we realized that businesses were struggling to manage interactions across various platforms.

It was a challenge for businesses to keep up with customer messages, comments, and inquiries that were scattered across different social media platforms and their websites. The need for a more efficient way to manage these interactions was apparent, and this was the genesis of our product.

Adln.io was designed to solve this problem. It consolidates all social media messages into a single inbox, making it easier for businesses to track, respond to, and manage customer interactions in one dashboard.

To further streamline communication, we incorporated an automated messaging system. This feature allows businesses to respond quickly and consistently, improving customer service and satisfaction.

We have also integrated many web apps with Telegram for use and installation with just one click through APIs.

The journey thus far has been challenging but rewarding. Seeing our product make a difference in how businesses manage their social media interactions has been incredibly gratifying. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, eager to see where this journey takes us next.